Parade Entry Form

Entry Forms are due by November 15!

Your entry form must include the names and ages of all participants in your group. Each individual will be checked in before the parade and given a wrist band.  Anyone without a wristband will suffer two consequences:  They will not be allowed in the parade and they will not be able to attend the After-Parade Private Party. You may edit the group list up until December 2 by emailing the updated list to us at

There is a $50 Registration fee for every commercial business parade entry.
Your entry fee helps cover the costs of the parade.

This is a family-friendly, non-political and nonsectarian holiday event.  All parade entries must conform to this standard.

Traditional holiday music will be broadcast via FM radio. Please add an FM receiver to your float.  You will not be allowed to play your own music. The music playlist will be distributed to all parade entries 2 weeks before event.

We want everybody in the parade to be singing along with the songs and to get the crowd excited and singing along with us.  

No animals, No weapons (real or fake), No open flames, No smoking, No excessive noise, No Alcohol or drugs during the parade. All costumes and behavior must be appropriate for this family-friendly event.

All entries are subject to approval by the parade committee.
Once the below form is submitted, you will be asked for payment.

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Rancho Cordova Holiday Light Parade

Parade Rules

All participants must wear illuminated costumes appropriate to the holiday theme. (Sorry, we’ve all seen zombies already.)

Photographs and video will be taken of you and your art car/float by many people and organizations. By participating in this event you agree that you forfeit any privacy rights to these images.

If you do not want your picture/video taken then please do not participate. The parade organizer may use images or videos that you appear in without notice to you and without your permission.

Check in time for all entries is at 4PM. NO earlier. You will have up to 90 minutes to prepare your float/art car. If you need more time than 2 hours please contact us for an alternative setup area.

If all goes as planned, the parade will be over by 7:00pm. You must be packed up and gone by no later than 8 pm. At 8 the gates open up for all traffic.

No animals. There will be much chaos in this parade. For the safety of the animals and the people we cannot allow pets, horses or animals. And we do not want anyone walking through excrement.

No weapons, costume or real.

No drugs, alcohol, weed. Anyone intoxicated will be turned over to the police.

No loud noises – horns, sirens, loud motors. No music other than the FM broadcast discussed below.

No late entries. You must be in place and ready to roll before 5:30 PM.

No headlights. This parade is about creative lighting. You may not ruin the effects by turning on bright lights such as headlights or floodlights.

Participants must follow instructions from police and parade officials or be barred from the parade.

Parade staff reserves the right to withdraw any unit of which costume or performance which does not meet the holiday parade standards of reasonable public taste and/or fit the parade theme.

Entrants that do not appear on parade day without prior notification to parade officials or entries or that do not comply with the rules and regulations jeopardize future participation in the Parade. 

Application fees are non-refundable for accepted entries. Your entry fee dollars are used to pay the expenses of the parade. These expenses occur before the parade. If the parade is cancelled due to rain there will be no refunds.  The money will have already been spent. Each entry must pay the appropriate fee.

The Parade Committee reserves the right to accept or decline any entry.

Participants must be costumed according to the parade theme, with no participant dressed as Santa Claus.

Campaigning for ANY cause is not permitted. This is a Holiday Parade with “fun” as the only purpose.

NO MATERIALS MAY BE THROWN ALONG THE PARADE ROUTE. WALKERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAND MATERIALS TO SPECTATORS. The sole exception to this will be the elves attending Santa Claus who may have small LED toys to handout.

Vehicles will not be allowed in the parade unless pulling a float. Exceptions will be considered for vehicles transporting costumed children’s groups such as flatbed trucks which are appropriately illuminated.

Safety is our primary goal. No reckless behavior.

No behavior that is not appropriate for young children. No dirty dancing… you know the drill.

Completing the application and submitting it does not imply acceptance.

About the music: The playlist for the parade was put together weeks before the parade. All sound systems that are turned on whether on floats, art cars or portable sound systems must be tuned to the FM station 107.9

Due to the nature of this parade we have to impose some rules on who may participate.

This is not for you if you make your own music. EG, this is not for marching bands or floats with live musicians. Because the parade loops and participants will be crossing paths with other floats we cannot have a jumble of audio confusion.

This is not a parade for groups of vehicles such as car or motorcycle clubs. We are looking for artistic use of lighting, creativity and crowd interaction.

There will be a STRICT 5 mph limit on speed. Anyone exceeding 5 mph will be asked to leave the parade, or will be sidelined by a security officer until the parade is over.

There is no hierarchy to this parade. No Grand Marshall, no particular order to the entries. Entries will be staged in the order they arrive to avoid confusion.

What you MAY do that is not normally allowed in parades:

You may stop briefly and visit with the crowd. Just make sure the other floats and vehicles are aware that you are stopping. If you are walking, on a bicycle or similar small and mobile vehicle you may move about within the parade wherever you like. Just don’t get run over or cause the other participants to make evasive maneuvers.

You may dance your butt off and have fun.

You may sing along with every song.

If a float or other vehicle is stopped in front of your float or vehicle you MAY pass but only after making your intentions clear to the driver of the vehicle being passed.


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